CAPTAIN I CAN! and Mrs.Sonshine

The World’s #1 Motivational speakers

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    Positive Words
    A Strong & Powerful Vision
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    What makes Captain I Can! and Mrs. Sonshine

    He successfully empowers and motivates all ages!

    He is a game-changer!

    Standing 8 feet tall, Captain I Can!’s captivating appearance brings the imagination of everyone alive and leaves an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of everyone he comes in contact with. This makes his motivational messages easily absorbed. That’s why he gets 100% results. He brings with his presentation his fun Jamaican personality various genres of music, song, and dance.

    Mrs. Sonshine

    She stands out by creating authentic connections with her audience due to her inspiring expertise in youth mentorship and community engagement and her captivating and energetic speaking style.

    Unparalleled Expertise: With over a decade of experience in youth mentorship and community engagement, CAPTAIN I CAN! and Mrs. Sonshine bring a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies to inspire and uplift young people.

    Dynamic Presentations: Their energetic and engaging speaking style captures audiences’ attention, making complex topics like drug prevention and violence intervention accessible and relatable.

    Personal Connection: CAPTAIN I CAN! and Mrs. Sonshine share personal stories of overcoming adversity, which resonate deeply with their audiences. This authenticity fosters a strong emotional connection and motivates change.

    Comprehensive Programs: They offer a range of programs tailored to various age groups and community needs, from school tours and workshops to community events and mentorship initiatives.

    Commitment to Positive Change: Their dedication to creating a safer and more nurturing environment for youth is evident in every aspect of their work. They empower young people to make positive life choices and break free from cycles of violence and drug use.

    Collaborative Approach: By partnering with schools, churches, parents, and local organizations, CAPTAIN I CAN! and Mrs. Sonshine build a network of support that reinforces their message and amplifies their impact.

    Proven Track Record: Their initiatives have consistently led to measurable improvements in community safety, youth engagement, and overall well-being, solidifying their reputation as the top motivational team.

    Talk about dreaming and thinking big!

    He has realized his dream and proven that all things are possible with God if you only believe. Afterall he is now Jamaica’s superhero. All superheroes have their power source right? Well, the source of his strength comes from above… The maker of the universe the heavens and the earth.

    He has made his mark in Jamaica, USA and Canada.

    The Dynamic Motivational Team

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    Drugs and Violence No Way!

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    School Tour Dates & Places

    Below is our School Tour schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.

    July 23rd
    Manhattan Grace Tabernacle
    July 29th
    Unity Walk, Brooklyn
    July 30th
    8am - 6pm
    Grace Church of the First Born
    July 30th
    4pm - 7pm
    Evangelism Family Life Ministries
    Aug. 1st
    National Family Night NYPD Precinct 113
    Aug. 6th
    Miracle Temple Ministries, 965 Thomas S Boyland St.
    Aug. 13th
    United Baptist Church
    Aug. 6th
    11am - 9pm
    Jamaica Family Fun Day, 125 - 08 Flatlands Ave., Brooklyn
    Aug. 14th
    Manhattan Grace Tabernacle Vocational Bible School

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    Positive Words & Energy

    Endorsed by the Ministry of Edu., Ja.

    A Bright & Fun Personality

    CAPTAIN I CAN! has been to over 40 schools

    • Vaz Prep
    • Elletson Primary
    • St. Jude Primary
    • Central Branch Infant
    • Central Branch All Age
    • Windward Road
    • Donald Quarrie High
    • Spanish Town Primary
    • Tivoli Gardens High
    • Alpha Infant
    • Amy Bailey Infant
    • Denham Town Primary
    • Excelsior Primary
    • St. Aloysius Primary
    • St. Joseph Infant
    • Alpha Primary
    • Calabar Infant
    • St. Anne’s Primary
    • Boys Town All Age
    • Wolmer’s Prep
    • Half Way Tree Primary
    • Franklin Town Primary
    • Iris Gelley Primary
    • Micro Practising
    • George Headley Primary
    • Dupoint Infant & Primary
    • New Providence Primary
    • Tarrant Primary
    • St. Richards Primary
    • Allman Town Primary
    • Lanamans Prep
    • Seaward Primary & Jr. High
    • Swallowfield
    • Praise Tabernacle Christian Academy
    • Grace Educational Centre
    • Ardenne Prep
    • Hagley Park Prep
    • St. Andrew Primary
    • John Mills All Age
    • Stony Hill Primary & Junior High

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