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The History of Captain I Can!

He is a 8 feet Robot Superhero (part man and part machine).

Captain I Can! is an interactive robot and superhero which motivates the listeners, by telling them positive words, giving them high fives, shaking hands, poses for the cameras and even dances. Yes, he is a bundle of fun! His famous greeting is “Hello! I am Captain I Can! leader of the I Can! army”. He is here to destroy all the negatives. He interacts with individuals and recruits members to join in his army. You are considered a member of his army by repeating the positive words about yourself and from here on you are expected to continue to speak the positive. “Words like I will not give up!” “I will not give up my dreams!” “My dreams are not too big”. “I can achieve”.

He captures the attention of both young and old. We can now say, Captain I Can! is Jamaica’s first super hero. Oh and by the way, because Captain I Can! is a superhero, he will not disclose his identity!

Positive Words
A Strong & Powerful Vision
From a Loving Heart


Smiles made


Students Motivated


Schools visited

School Tour Dates & Places

Below is our School Tour schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.

July 23rd
Manhattan Grace Tabernacle
July 29th
Unity Walk, Brooklyn
July 30th
8am - 6pm
Grace Church of the First Born
July 30th
4pm - 7pm
Evangelism Family Life Ministries
Aug. 1st
National Family Night NYPD Precinct 113
Aug. 6th
Miracle Temple Ministries, 965 Thomas S Boyland St.
Aug. 13th
United Baptist Church
Aug. 6th
11am - 9pm
Jamaica Family Fun Day, 125 - 08 Flatlands Ave., Brooklyn
Aug. 14th
Manhattan Grace Tabernacle Vocational Bible School

Our Current Pursuit

With your help, we plan on purchasing a RV.

Positive Words & Energy

Endorsed by the Ministry of Edu., Ja.

A Bright & Fun Personality

CAPTAIN I CAN! has been to over 40 schools

  • Vaz Prep
  • Elletson Primary
  • St. Jude Primary
  • Central Branch Infant
  • Central Branch All Age
  • Windward Road
  • Donald Quarrie High
  • Spanish Town Primary
  • Tivoli Gardens High
  • Alpha Infant
  • Amy Bailey Infant
  • Denham Town Primary
  • Excelsior Primary
  • St. Aloysius Primary
  • St. Joseph Infant
  • Alpha Primary
  • Calabar Infant
  • St. Anne’s Primary
  • Boys Town All Age
  • Wolmer’s Prep
  • Half Way Tree Primary
  • Franklin Town Primary
  • Iris Gelley Primary
  • Micro Practising
  • George Headley Primary
  • Dupoint Infant & Primary
  • New Providence Primary
  • Tarrant Primary
  • St. Richards Primary
  • Allman Town Primary
  • Lanamans Prep
  • Seaward Primary & Jr. High
  • Swallowfield
  • Praise Tabernacle Christian Academy
  • Grace Educational Centre
  • Ardenne Prep
  • Hagley Park Prep
  • St. Andrew Primary
  • John Mills All Age
  • Stony Hill Primary & Junior High

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