The Captain I Can Line


The Captain I Can line seeks to instill positive thoughts in the minds of individuals, with the leadership aid of our public figure, Captain I Can.

However, stay tuned because lots of exciting things are in store!

The Concept


Why do we have a robot as the face of our brand you might ask.  Our motto is “Transforming Lives by Renewing Thoughts”.  Well you program a robot to execute a command and so with our minds whatever we program in our minds that’s what our actions will be.

Meet Captain I Can


He is a 8 feet Robot Superhero (part man and part machine) which is the new face of the I Can! brand.

Captain I Can! is an interactive robot and superhero which motivates the listeners, by telling them positive words, giving them high fives, shaking hands, poses for the cameras and even dances.  Yes he is a bundle of fun!

 His famous greeting is “Hello!  I am Captain I Can! leader of the I Can! army”.

 He is here to destroy all the negatives.  He interacts with individuals and recruits members to join in his army.  You are considered a member of his army by repeating the positive words about yourself and from here on you are expected to continue to speak the positive.

“Words like I will not give up!”  “I will not give up my dreams!”  “My dreams are not too big”.  “I can achieve”.

 He captures the attention of both young and old.  We can now say Captain I Can! is Jamaica’s first super hero.

 Oh and by the way because Captain I Can! is a superhero, he will not disclose his identity!