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The I CAN! book positive declarations are strategically placed on the first page and there is also a constant reminder on subsequent pages intended to encourage, motivate and inspire persons to set lofty goals and to work towards achieving them. The declarations are intended as a means of changing how youths think about themselves as we are convinced that as a man thinks, so is he.  We believe in empowering persons, hence our motto Transforming Lives by Renewing the Thoughts. All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain.

Our young people today are faced with several stressors and peer pressure.  The task of teachers and parents in molding youths into productive adults is great and is fraught with challenges. This task can be made easier if youths believe in themselves and are not easily daunted by the obstacles in their way. The I CAN! motivational tools help in this regard.

Whats the difference with the I Can brand?

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I Can! is known for its quality.

As research has been done to address the various complaints that are made by the users of stationery products.

We know children love to use their eraser.

If a child writes and erases on our I Can! pages we guarantee you that the leaves will not tear easily.

If an individual writes with a pen or teachers marking a child’s I Can! book you will not have any bleeding or tearing  of the pages because our pages are of high quality.

Our motivational words are backed by various heart warming testimonies as our users are always satisfied and are amazed at the life changing effects.  Parents are pleased with positive response from their children.  Those who had no interest in a particular subject because it seems difficult, now has confidence to take on the challenges from a victorious standpoint.  Here at I Can! we really transform Lives by Renewing Thoughts.

 Try it you’ll see.

Our Concept

Words create thoughts, thoughts create action, actions creates destiny. If we want to change our society let us come together to transform the lives of individuals to make the world a better place for you, me and all of us.  We need to get this message of I CAN! Out which brings hope, self-worth, positive values back into the lives of all people to bring forth individual change. Before we can reach out to save the world the change has to come from within.

Our Line of Stationery

We currently use a line of products ranging from exercise book, pocket books, steno pads, notebooks, composition books and pens as transformational tools to constantly share this message with the society.